Onni Design Production

The Onni highchair is the result of lengthy development. Throughout a span of several years, the product has been produced with different variations and has recently been perfected to its’ current design. The outcome of these trials is a range of innovative solutions which makes the production of the design possible. The following gives brief details on the main facts on the production of the chair.

The Main Phases of Production

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  • The material used is Finnish birch. The high quality of the carefully selected wood is based on stringent quality standards.
  • The upper ring and the seat of the highchair are made of the highest quality cross- laminated birch plywood. The surface is high pressure laminated.
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  • The Onni highchair is produced in small series of 100-500. The method of production is a combination of traditional wordworking skills and modern CNC technology.
  • Furniture is handcrafted in Tuulos, Finland. The process of production includes 25 different stages of work.
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  • All remains of production are used purposefully. Discarded wood heats up the workshop and the sawdust is used for pets and farm animals.
  • The innovative use of birch plywood for the upper ring beautifully exposes the fine traits of this high quality cross-laminated wood product.
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