Our Company

Puusepänliike Hannes Oy is a family business which was established in 2006. Our expert team includes entrepreneur couple Hannes and Arja Vähäsöyrinki as well as highly skilled woodcraftsmen, Onni Vähäsöyrinki and Matti Heinonen.

We specialize in solid wood. We furnish homes, restaurants as well as other public spaces with customized products and furniture from our own collections. We make unique single pieces and we are also prepared to do larger series which can include several hundred pieces. Our workshop and showroom area is located in a historical setting which used to be a sleigh building factory. In this unique setting we continue to practice the skills of wood craftsmanship which has been practiced here for decades.

Our experienced staff is ready to serve you and answer any questions you may have. We are open on weekdays from 8-16 o’clock. Welcome!

  • Matti Heinonen
  • Production and finishing
  • Tel: +358 50 530 3041
  • Onni Vähäsöyrinki
  • Production and blade maintenance
  • Tel: +358 40 849 8159
  • Hannes Vähäsöyrinki
  • Managing director
  • Sales and design
  • Phone +358 500 895 510
  • Arja Vähäsöyrinki
  • Ecommerce shipping
  • Tel: +358 50 539 6671

Our email addresses are in the format firstname@puusepanliikehannes.fi.

Hannes’ Story

While working a permanent job at the grocery store fish counter, I dreamed of being a carpenter. This dream began to come true with an apprenticeship in the year 2000 with Jussi Sutela in Liminka. After a laborious seven years of working in the field, I was ready to start up my own business.

Mutual Dream

Together with my wife Arja, we made the second most major decision in of our lives when we became entrepreneurs on the advent holiday in 2006. In 2002, Arja graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts majoring in restoration. We had recently finished building our home and decided it was time to move on to new ventures. We took a substantial business loan with which we purchased the necessary machinery and rented a shop. Now we had all we needed to start the business along with our strong expertise. Our order book began to fill up already in the first months of operation.

Courtyard Workshop

The third biggest decision in our lives came upon us when the opportunity arose to buy a historical sleigh building factory in the county of Häme. This idyllic countryside property had a total of 850m2 in brick buildings which were in dire need of restoration. There was also a small cottage which had been transferred to the property in the place of the old mill. We bought this property with all these buildings and in 2010 we took residence in the small cottage on the banks of the picturesque creek.

Old Sleigh Factory Comes to Life

One setback was the need to fix the buildings into working condition and that required ceasing business operations for five months. We remodelled one of the sleigh building shops into a woodworking shop with all the amenities including a coffee room on the end of the building which used to be a blacksmith shop. The painting shop and assembly area was established into the space which used to be the old planing mill. The family home was built into the main building of the former sleigh factory. The next challenge was to find customers in the immediate area. Moving 500km south from Liminka to Tuulos was taking a risk but we trusted in the fact that being quite centrally located and in close proximity to other larger cities and communities, there would be enough customers.

Future Endeavors

In the near future, we are going to open a gallery and shop on the premises. For the progression of our business, we will focus on developing and marketing our collections and products. High quality functional products are of great importance to us. The successful exportation of the Onni highchair is still growing because design also belongs to children.